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aPLib v1.1.1 - compression library

Copyright © 1998-2014 Jørgen Ibsen. All Rights Reserved.

aPLib is a compression library based on the algorithm used in aPACK (my executable compressor). aPLib is an easy-to-use alternative to many of the heavy-weight compression libraries available.

The compression ratios achieved by aPLib combined with the speed and tiny footprint of the depackers (as low as 169 bytes!) makes it the ideal choice for many products.

Since the first public release in 1998, aPLib has been one of the top pure LZ-based compression libraries available. It is used in a wide range of products including executable compression and protection software, archivers, games, embedded systems, and handheld devices.

aPLib is freeware, please check the included license for details.


You can get the latest version of aPLib on the download page.


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